The Johnson Residence

The Johnson Residence is a multi-family duplex located in the Mid-City area of New Orleans.

Project Size:  4,250 SF
Location:  New Orleans, Louisiana

Untouched since Hurricane Katrina, the residence was in desperate need of repair and restoration. Due to the home’s location within the Historic Urban Two-Family Residential District, a historic renovation took place in order to preserve the existing historical architecture. The original building was a ‘shotgun-style’ configuration; in order to mitigate the walk- thru bedrooms, the back side of the second story was widened on either side of the second floor with a cantilever in order to create a hallway that connects all of the bedrooms on the second story. The residence was expanded into a 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath within each unit with the addition of a laundry room and a back porch. The Kitchen and living area feature an open floor plan was created toward the rear of the house, while keeping the front entry rooms and stairs untouched. The project was completed in 2016.