Firm History

Through over 25 years of experience we have acquired a wide knowledge and understanding of the industry and have achieved an outstanding history in residential and commercial design. Over the years, our company has successfully obtained a high number of satisfied clients and strives to create a professional-client relationship based on comprehensive communication. We have a reputation of quality work and detailed construction documents that deliver a predictable on-time and accurate construction.

ClS Architects understands the importance of whole building design. We have an excellent history of working relationships between various fields resulting in a complete design approach. By taking this approach, our firm is known for little to no change orders throughout construction. As a firm, we stress the importance of an in-depth design approach that incorporates the consultants at early stages of the design in order to produce a well thought out construction document. We are committed to staying current with design and construction methodologies in order to provide an outstanding product.

ClS Architects is made up of a team of talented individuals, committed to creating beautiful, meaningful work. Together we strive to further our shared passions of design, innovation, sustainability, and collaboration. Responsibility is shared throughout our team members, with every member contributing to the design, drafting and development of each project. The principal architect, Charles Silbernagel, is involved on all levels of the design phase, including maintaining the design schedule and reviewing final documents before release to permitting. Every project is assigned a project lead, who serves as the day to day point of contact.


Design Philosophy

The firm of ClS Architects has been in the architectural practice of residential and commercial design since June 1990. This firm is a professional design group dedicated to the passion and integrity of innovative, resourceful, and inspired design. ClS Architects is driven by a dream to create environments where people can live and work in harmony with their surroundings.

We believe that a successful project is the result of an ongoing conversation between client, Architect and builder. Every site, client and project is unique and as such; our services are flexible and tailored to best suit individual project needs.



ClS Architects offers a full range of professional architecture services, including construction observation, historic preservation, expert witness, and interior design. Our services are sure to add a heightened experience to any project and provide value to our ever-expanding clientele base.

Our firm has been involved with numerous projects of all different size, scope, character, and function. We are dedicated to preserving history in our neighborhoods. As a firm, we are experienced in energy efficiency design method and continue to research the best way of achieving these goals. ClS Architects has enjoyed working with numerous programs and organizations that focus on increasing the good qualities of their environment and surrounding neighborhoods. As a firm, we take pride in being a part of their successful outcomes.

Our work reflects our knowledge of how spaces and people interact with one another. We value quality product and inspired design, which sets our firm apart. We deliver them across our regional market with a excellent standard of service.