The ClS System – What to Expect


When a client first contacts you, how do begin?

“We start our design process with that initial phone call, the client looking for an architect. From that point we set up our first interview. The client comes in a sits down and we just talk about their project, very open, very free, very general in nature. Once we determine that we’re going to be the architects and everything’s on board, we set up what they call a “design meeting”. In that design meeting we’re going to sit down and talk about each room, each space. From room to room we’re going to talk about what goes in it, what’s the function of that room, how does it relate to other rooms. Those are the things that we’re going to discuss during that initial programing. From that programming meeting, we’re then going to go into a free hand sketch. We take the concept, the ideas of what we talked about in that meeting and put it down on paper. A free hand sketch comes back to the client. At that point we sit down, revisit the program to make sure things are working, things are flowing, spaces work together. From there we look at the exterior elevations, the façade of the building; how does the façade begin working with the inside, are we meeting the style, is the concept on the right path/in the direction that the owner wants to take it. From there once the owner approves the concept, we go into the construction documents. Now the team of architects on staff begin working with the owners to develop the construction documents. So we talk about the small details; how can this work, what are the moldings, what are the door styles. All those things get developed in these construction documents and when those are complete, the owner takes those documents and looks at them one more time for a final review. At that point we go out to bid with our contractors.”

What is the client relationship like at ClS?

“We have an ongoing relationship with our clients. Even though the project ends, their first project, it continues on. Our clients call us 5/6 years later, ‘we’re thinking of painting a bedroom, what color would you recommend?’ So our clients here at ClS Architects become friends. We repeat their processes. I have one client; we’re on his 9th home. It’s just a joy to keep in touch with my clients and have them continuously call me, for even the smallest little task.”