The Importance of the Design Process


When hiring an architect, what is most important?

I think one of the most important factors is communication between an architect and the client; for the architect to fully understand the client’s vision and needs. The communication between client and architect should remain open, allowing the architect to be able to deliver a project that is far beyond the client’s ideas, wishes, or conception.

What type of team size is most beneficial for the design process?

Our firm has six architects and two interior designers. We’re considered a small firm in the world of architecture. However, I think that we work really well with residential and commercial projects because we can provide personal attention and a very quick response on most questions that arise. I also think the closer communication assists in a consistent and open dialogue between our team and the client.

What is the time frame of a typical job?

Time frames vary on the complexity of the project but typically, a residential project is a four-month design process. This allows enough time to understand the client and develop a home that fits their needs and lifestyle. In regards to commercial projects, we tend to move at a fast pace because there are less details than residential, and more to resolve in the commercial aspect.